'Perspective' in Market Research.

It may not always be stated (or even consciously considered), but all research is informed by the perspective of the researcher.

  • Our perspective and experience inevitably impact on the data that we choose to generate or look at, and the way that we consider that data.

"Consumer perspectives are not always fully conscious, and are surprisingly malleable"

At Reynolds Research, we adopt a perspective which is best summarised as Pragmatic Constructivism. By this we mean:

  • It is important to think about the theory and methods, but market research is a commercial activity, so we have to be mindful of budgets, timelines, and commercial implications at the same time (that's the 'pragmatic' bit).
  • Consumers/decision-makers can only respond to the world as they perceive it – from their perspective, that perception is reality.
  • Consumer perspectives are not always fully conscious and are usually surprisingly malleable – they will vary in different contexts: thus it is often valuable to study behaviours and perspectives in something like the context in which real-life decision-making takes place (some researchers call this 'Ethnography' - actually it's not, but it doesn’t really matter what you call it, it’s just 'good research').