An informed approach to Qualitative Research.

Applying Pragmatic Constructivism to Commercial Market Research.

Consumers/decision-makers are people: understanding how they engage with products and services is a natural extension of considering how people make sense of the world as they perceive it.

We adopt the perspective that individual reality (meaning) is a construction: people perceive a reality which is influenced both by external and internal factors.

Considering the process and outcome of this construction is often critical in unlocking commercially valuable insights.

"People perceive a reality which is influenced by both external and internal factors"

This belief informs our approach to research across commercial categories:

  • Opinion is interesting, analysis/reflection is critical

Why do participants state (or not state) a specific point of view?

What makes consumers notice (or not notice) some things more than others?

  • Reflecting on other categories (constant comparative method) can uncover greater insight than just focusing on one category

How is this behaviour different from or similar to consumer behaviour in other categories – what does this tell us about how people make sense of this particular category?

  • Observing and engaging with consumers in context usually pays dividends

In their homes or workplace

At the point of purchase

Where the need or opportunity is greatest