Hugo Reynolds is an experienced, independent, qualitative research consultant.

Having worked in agency, academic, independent, and collaborative contexts over the past twenty years, he has experience in a wide variety of research approaches, and has spent thousands of hours studying and observing people in one way or another.

He is experienced across most qualitative methods, but with a particular strength in observation and participatory methods (aka 'Ethnography', 'Ethno', 'Naturalistic Observation', etc).

Why Engage a Professional Researcher?

If all decision-making was fully informed and rational, and all research participants were aware of and transparent about their own perspective, then market research would be a lot more straightforward.

A professional researcher will understand that almost no research project is straightforward.

  • Through experience of delivering other successful projects in the past, they can advise on which methods are likely to deliver the greatest return for your research budget.
  • They will be aware of the challenges and limitations in the methods you adopt, and thus plan or account for these appropriately.
  • They will be able to contextualise the findings in reference to other similar and dissimilar research projects they have run in the past – this means you will get more value from your data.

With a broad range of research experience built up over the course of twenty years, and a wide network of peers and associates to partner with or refer onto, Hugo is well positioned to help if you think you might need research support - if we can’t help you directly, we will know someone who can.

"A professional researcher will understand that almost no research project is straightforward"